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If you're planning to travel to Mexico and you wish to have a great holiday among Mexican people, if what you like goes beyond simple sightseeing, if you rather enjoy individual tours more than group visits, if you're planning on getting out of the usual typical all-inclusive type of vacation, then you came to the right place. Mexico will offer you a multitude of destinations according to your needs. You'll certainly find here what you are looking for.
Mexico has it all: colorful festivals, centuries old historical sites, mountains, warm and inviting beaches as well as exotic and spicy food. Not to forget the world famous Mariachi music.
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Besides fully developed beaches as in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, the environmentally conscious travelers will find in Ecotourism a vacation alternative allowing them to commune with wildlife, admire natural beauty and immerse themselves into a rich cultural heritage. Mexico offers an infinite panorama of options within its tourism industry. It is a country privileged by its astonishing ecological diversity.
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Mexicans value family above all else. Business is often times considered secondary to family. Because of this, Mexicans usually have lunch breaks in the middle of the day and often close their shops early in the day (by American and European standards) so that they can spend more time at home.
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 Mexico counts on with all kind of options to eat and to drink. From luxury restaurants that serve international dishes or Mexican, Japanese, Cantonese, Italian, German, French, Argentine, Greek or Arabic food, etc., to chains of fast food restaurants from the most famous franchises of the world. One of the most famous and long awaited holidays in Mexico is the celebration of the Day of the Dead on November 2nd. This event is also uniquely representative of the mixture characterizing the Mexican culture. Mexico has a great variety of handicrafts. Every region of the country, indeed almost every state, produces its own forms of popular art. Such widespread production is, however, a somewhat recent phenomenon.
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Nearly half of Mexico is classified as an arid climate, including the northern high desert and mountains. Much of the central plateau and mountains, about 23 percent of the country, has a temperature climate accompanied by moderate rainfall. The remainder of the country is classified as warm, humid or semi-tropical, including most of the Gulf coastal plain, the Isthmus and Tehuantepec, and the Yucatan Peninsula, which are generally covered by savannah or rain forest.

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